We offer a selection of quality horses & ponies. Trail horses, lesson horses, ponies, hunter prospects, barrel horses, and more. We offer horses for all level riders & disciplines in every shape, size, and color! We also get new horses in on a regular basis.


Ringo- 9yr, Approx 10.1h Paint Pony Gelding $2000

Good riding pony with lots of color and a cool blue eye! Ringo will do the leadline job or ride independently. Rides with a saddle + bridle or bareback just fine. He was reported to drive by previous owner but we haven’t tried it yet. The perfect pony for kids to learn on or for a pony ride job. Barefoot and sound with good feet. UTD farrier & worming. Gets along well with ponies & bigger horses too, great companion.


Cherokee Dude- 15yr, Approx 14.3h Pintaloosa Gelding $3800

Fun little horse with unique coloring! Dude is a super trail horse. Goes anywhere you ask, on his own or in a group. When riding with friends he is on the pokey side and always seems to end up last, would suit a husband or guest well out on the trail. Dude has also been learning to work in the arena, where he has a little more pep in his step than he does on the trail. He’s got a nice big trot step, lopes both leads, and even pops willingly over a course of cross rails. Looks cute under western or english tack. Dude is currently barefoot and sound. He turns out with a mixed group of horses and gets along well. Easy to catch, if you call him he’ll usually run right up to the gate to visit!  Dude is a little thin in his topline & could afford some weight/muscle. He’s a good eater and has made gains in the short time he has been here. I have no doubt that with regular feed & some work to keep him building muscle that he’ll look great in no time! He’s certainly got the color to turn heads & is a nice all around horse. 


New horses & ponies coming soon!


When purchasing a horse, there is a $250 NON REFUNDABLE deposit required at time of purchase in order to hold said horse. After a deposit, delivery or pickup should be arranged within a weeks time. If additional time is necessary, we may be able to offer short term boarding, contact us for additional information.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We have new horses in all the time! Check back or give us a call 845-798-2509.

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