We offer a selection of quality horses & ponies. Trail horses, lesson horses, ponies, hunter prospects, barrel horses, and more. We offer horses for all level riders & disciplines in every shape, size, and color! We also get new horses in on a regular basis.


Petunia- 14yr, Approx 10.1h Chestnut Pony Mare $1450

This flashy little girl is cute as a button! Petunia has mostly done leadline rides & has been used as a companion pony. We led a kid around on her in the indoor and she seems to like the job! She is shy on first approach, but if you give her time she’s really a true love bug! Our lesson kids have been playing with her and she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body & warms up quickly. We were told Petunia was driven a few years back, but we haven’t personally tried it and I’m sure she’d need a refresher, so we can’t guarantee her to drive. Certainly a nice enough mover that would look flashy pulling a cart though! Petunia is barefoot and sound with good feet. She’s a nice little companion or with the right program she could be an excellent pony ride pony too!


RUNNING FEATHER’S SUGAR SUGAR- 2008 Model, 29.5″ AMHA Registered Mare $1950

Talk about an adorable chunk of a pony, Sugar is quite literally as wide as she is tall! She is a super cute pony that’s absolutely lovely to work around and a pleasure to have in the barn. Stands to be groomed, good to have her feet handled, certainly easy enough for the kids to be around. Loves attention! We did set a kid on her just to see her reaction and she was totally fine with it, just didn’t ask her to ride off as she’s quite tiny. Seems like she would be fine for a little peanut to sit on though! Sugar has a permanent registration with the American Miniature Horse Association. He has had foals in the past and is reported to be a good mom. Her feet are a little long in pictures, but we have a call into the farrier & she’ll be fixed up here shortly. Adorable pony that’s a perfect companion, we think she’d also be super well suited for a therapy program, or she could be a child’s next best friend!


Gabe- 12-16yr, 15.2-15.3H Sorrel TWH Gelding $4000

This is one of the most easy going, happy go lucky type geldings that we’ve had in the barn in a long time! Gabe might not be the fanciest moving or smoothest gaited horse in the world, but he is super sweet & a pleasure to ride and have in the barn. Gabe has mostly been trail ridden, he will ride with company or head out on his own. He doesn’t mind other horses around him and made no fuss with an unfamiliar horse riding right up his tush! He doesn’t know a whole lot about arena work, but he has been willing to try his hardest at anything we’ve asked him to do. Gabe is currently barefoot and sound. He picks up his feet nicely and is easy to groom and tack. This horse has manners and is truly a gentleman. He turns out with a group of horses and will be the first one to greet you at the gate. The vet aged Gabe at 12 on his coggins, personally looking at his teeth I would call him closer to 16. Either way he’s the nicest, kindest horse that should suit absolutely any rider whether you are puttering around the arena or looking to head down the trail!


New horses & ponies coming soon!


When purchasing a horse, there is a $250 NON REFUNDABLE deposit required at time of purchase in order to hold said horse. After a deposit, delivery or pickup should be arranged within a weeks time. If additional time is necessary, we may be able to offer short term boarding, contact us for additional information.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We have new horses in all the time! Check back or give us a call 845-798-2509.

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