We offer a selection of quality horses & ponies. Trail horses, lesson horses, ponies, hunter prospects, barrel horses, and more. We offer horses for all level riders & disciplines in every shape, size, and color! We also get new horses in on a regular basis.


Diamond- 16yr, 15.1h Black Grade QH Gelding $5000

This guy is a jet black Cadillac! Diamond is a very nice gelding that we absolutely love. He rides walk, jog, & lopes both leads. Has that nice rocking chair lope that everyone’s looking for. Super comfortable! He will neckrein and moves off your legs. Diamond goes nicely around the arena and will hack out around the farm or head down the trail too. Willingly rides away from the barn on his own & happy to ride with company as well. Will suit most any level rider. Diamond can go barefoot on good ground, but will want front shoes on rocky terrain. He turns out with a group & gets along well. Happy in the stall too. Stands tied, loads & hauls fine. Easy guy to have in the barn. This is a good looking, branded ranch horse that’s truly a pleasure to ride.


Indigo- 12-13yr, 15h Black Grade QH Mare $4000

Sharp looking black mare! Indigo has been used out trail riding and works nicely in the arena. She trail rides great with company and will ride on her own with a little push too. Didn’t mind cars and was willing to ride out even in the dark (see her video… there’s not enough time in the day around here!). She will also ride walk, jog, lope and take both leads in the arena. Indigo is on the lazy side and takes a push to make her lope. Once in a while she will throw in a little test to get out of working, so I wouldn’t recommend her for a total beginner rider, but she should suit most anyone else perfectly fine! The more we ride this mare the more we like her. She is fine to groom & tack, prefers tacking in stall over standing out tied. She has good feet, was shod all the way around when we bought her, currently shod in front. Goes out with a group of mares and gets along well. Loads & hauls just fine. Pretty mare that you can enjoy whether you are hitting the trails or hacking around the arena.


When purchasing a horse, there is a $250 NON REFUNDABLE deposit required at time of purchase in order to hold said horse. After a deposit, delivery or pickup should be arranged within a weeks time. If additional time is necessary, we may be able to offer short term boarding, contact us for additional information.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We have new horses in all the time! Check back or give us a call 845-798-2509.

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