We offer a selection of quality horses & ponies with 15+ available at all times! Trail horses, lesson horses, ponies, hunter prospects, barrel horses, and more. We offer horses for all level riders & disciplines in every shape, size, and color! We also get new horses in on a regular basis.


All currently available horses are posted. New stock coming soon!


Pepper- 4yr Black Mini Mare $1050

Cute pony! Pepper is sweet to be around and our lesson kids are having a blast playing with her. Pepper is a pro at the leadline job. Saddle marks on her back show she has plenty of experience. No bad habits & and I have no hesitation turning my lesson kids loose to play with this little love. Pepper has good feet & was recently wormed. She is a perfect companion, backyard summer fun for the kids, or could easily go to work for a petting zoo job. She has been stalled with another pony & also lived with goats and gets & she gets along fine!


Rudy- 18yr, 15.1-15.2h Bay Grade QH Gelding $2850

We’ve known this big stout guy for a couple years now! He started his life out west doing ranch work & trail riding. For the past few years he was used for some lessons and trail riding. He sat a bit through the winter and recently came back to work. Rudy has a very comfortable jog & lopes off on both leads. Rides nicely in the arena and will trail ride too. Prefers going out trail riding with company over riding on his own. Rudy is a little spoiled, can be pushy on the ground but is not mean in any way. No buck or nonsense but he does best with a job/routine- the more we work him the more we like him! Currently shod in front. Goes out with a group & gets along fine (lower man on the totem pole here currently). He’s good to groom, easy to tack. Prefers a straight tie over cross ties. Easy horse to get along with if you remind him of his manners once in a while. Stout made & ready to carry just about any rider in the arena or down the trail.


When purchasing a horse, there is a $250 NON REFUNDABLE deposit required at time of purchase in order to hold said horse. After a deposit, delivery or pickup should be arranged within a weeks time. If additional time is necessary, we may be able to offer short term boarding, contact us for additional information.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We have new horses in all the time! Check back or give us a call 845-798-2509.

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